Cookie Diet -Can You Really Lose Weight On A Cookie Diet?

Can You Really Lose Weight On A Cookie Diet?

Replace meals for cookies, and lose weight - it's a dieter's dream. The basic notion here is portion control. But will results stay ?

Purveyors of several all-the-rage "cookie diets" say you can lose as much as 10 to 15 pounds a month on their programs, and they boast of a sizable batch of Hollywood luminaries including Mandy Moore, Howard Stern, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson and former Madonna husband Guy Ritchie.

The cookie diet revolution have been the toast of fan magazines and TV talk shows and the granddaddy of them all is Dr.Siegal's Cookie Diet who invented the original cookie diet more than 30 years followed by - Smart for Life, Hollywood Cookie and Soypal.

On a cookie diet, you can't eat just any cookies. You have to eat special cookie-diet cookies. These cookies are often baked with very low-calorie ingredients designed to lead to rapid weight loss. The basic notion of these diets is to replace one or two meals a day with these cookies that are much lower in calories than the meals would have been.

Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet

Back in 1975, an obesity doctor, Siegal from South Florida devised a fast and effective way of losing weight - the cookie diet. Dieters got only 800 calories by eating his cookies for breakfast and lunch and then lean meat and vegetables for dinner.

Hunger suppression is crucial in a dieter's crusade. Using a secret blend of amino acids is supposed to do the trick in Dr Siegal's Cookie Diet.

Dr. Siegal's COOKIE DIET More than 500,000 people have lost weight eating cookies. Now it's your turn!

Smart For Life

Dr.Sasson Moulavi, the founder and medical director of Smart For Life, comes up with his appetite-suppressing blend of amino acids, fiber and complex sugars cookies.

A number of studies imply that the claim of using certain protein content in these diet cookies helps to curb hunger could be true. It has been shown that proteins can help to suppress appetite and lead to weight loss, and in some cases proteins can be far more effective than either carbohydrates or fat in reducing the number of calories eaten at the next meal.

Lose weight with Organic Cookies.

Hollywood Cookie Diet

Larry Turner, president of the Hollywood Cookie Diet, says the protein and fiber in his cookies make them so satisfying that people often don't eat as many as the diet allows.

He believes cookie dieters can learn valuable eating habits by maintaining calorie balance and portion control. The Hollywood Cookie Diet cookies comes in three flavors: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and lemon.

Hollywood Diet Cookie Diet Assorted Flavor 12 Cookies 16.9 Oz.

SoyPal Cookie Diet

Taking a very different approach, Soypal Cookies - said to be the most popular diet in their native Japan. They are designed simply and literally to fill you up.

The crucial ingredient is the okara. Okara is actually the soy pulp left after soybeans are processed into soy milk and tofu. Dieters are instructed to drink plenty of liquids with the cookies because when the consumed okara in the person's stomach absorbs the liquid and expands two to three times its original size thus giving the sense of fullness the whole day.

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