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How To Remove Age Spots, Naturally.

Here is a proven safe, natural way of removing age spots with homemade remedies.


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How To Look Younger, Naturally

What is the biggest indicator of your age to a stranger?
  • a) hair color
  • b) wrinkles
  • c) dark spots or age spots

Most of us got this wrong. The answer is (c).

Age spots are the appearance of brown, yellow or black spots that appear on the face, neck and hands. They are primarily caused by exposure to the sun, and usually start to surface once a person reaches 40 years of age.

Healthwise, age spots are not dangerous, so there is no medical reason to get rid of them. For aesthetic reasons, many men and women want to remove them because age spots can reveal a person's age.

There are many modern methods of removing age spots such as using laser treatment, microdermabrasion treatment or even using chemical peel. Laser treatment is extremely effective. Depending on the type of laser used and the number of age spots requiring treatment, prices can be steep ranging from $500 to $2000 per session. Other clinical treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peel treatment require qualified supervision.

However, the above methods are expensive and the availability of such treatment is not always possible to many people. Understanding the needs and desires of many skin savvy consumers comes the DermaDoctor Kakudu C, a product enriched with kakadu plum. This superfruit is 55 times more vitamin C than a Florida orange. Vitamin C are essential ingredient for healing UV-damaged skin and provide free-radical protection to the skin. It's been shown to fight off cancer cells.

The Kakadu C Amethyst Clay Detox Mask had reach a global phenomenon, is used by millions of devotees seeking to achieve healthy, beautiful skin.


Kakadu C Amethyst Clay Detox Mask

Magnesium rich amethyst clay absorbs impurities and detoxifies without removing natural oils.

Provides gentle resurfacing exfoliation and helps leave skin feeling smoother, brighter, and softer. Enriched with stabilized Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum, Tasmanian Pepper Berry, Lilly Pilly and Muntari Berry.

Dermatologist Tested & Approved Allergy Tested, Hypoallergenic, Non Irritating, Non Comedogenic, Soap Free, Fragrance Free, Synthetic Dye Free, Paraben Free,Gluten Free, Phthalate Free, Su.

As seen in Cosmopolitan, Shape and Dr. Oz The Good Life.

The Kakadu plum tree

Can the Kakuda Plum from Australia help to prevent age spots?

Ounce per ounce, Kakadu plums contain on average 55 times the vitamin C of Florida oranges.*

Vitamin C is essentially an important ingredient for the pursue of body's anti-aging properties. It helps to protect the skin against enviromental pollutants, oxidative stress and free radical damage from the sun.

The kakadu plum plays an essential role in supporting collagen production which helps improve skin elasticity, firmness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps in brightening and evening skin tone while leaving skin complexion more smoother, softer and retain a youthful appearance.

Rave Reviews About Kakadu C

Detox Mask Review by MJ
This is the first time i have try this product. It seem to be true it works, after cleaning my face I put a small layer on. Then I let it sit for 15 minutes after washing my face I can see all the facts was true.
Thank you

Everything the Clay says, it delivers! Review by Beach_love13
I just put the mask on myself this evening, and all I can say is INSTANT results. I instatnly saw my pores smaller, after patting dry. My face looks radiant, refreshed and tight. Amazing, amazing product, delivering instant results. Must have hands down.

Now That's a Detox Mask for All Time! Review by BWA
After 5 applications I can't believe the action of this mask. This is not like your gamma's mud mask. When applied nice and thick, the clay starts to dry and pulls the skin so tight you can feel it. Almost makes you pucker up. If there was any impurities on or in the skin and pores they just got sucked out. Only 20 minutes to unbelievable skin. Fresh and soft, sooth and hydrated was my face after the 1st application. Now after 5 treatments my skin is brighter and not a dry spot on it. No flakes or patches anywhere to be found and the tone is more light and bright. I thought it would dry me out, but just the opposite occurred, it feels very hydrated and mattified, with absolutely no oils or shin left behind. After a good dose of Cool Calm and Correcting cream, I feel and look younger by a couple of years I would say. Now that's a Detox Mask for All Time!

Kakadu C Serum and Mask Duo

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