Cancer The Forbidden Cures

Cancer The Forbidden Cures!

Published on Feb 08, 2014
  |Richard Bruce

Astounding revelations of various cancer cures suppressed by reptilian/Illuminati AMA and FDA.

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The True Cause and Cure for Cancer - MUST WATCH!

Published on Jul 26, 2014
  | End-Times-Prophecy

So many people have cancer throughout the world today, and yet the people have been deceived into thinking that drugs is the only way. It's not even THE way. Drugs will make you even more sick.

Revelation 18:23 says that Babylon has deceived then nations with her "sorceries". That word sorceries in the original Greek is "pharmakeia", which is where the word pharmaceutical comes from. The world has been deceived by the "pharmaceuticals" of Babylon.

There is a way to cure cancer and it is a natural drug free way! The natural foods and lifestyle that our Heavenly Father has given us.

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