The Truth About Diets - The Hard Facts

The Truth About Diets - The Hard Facts

When we realised that we are little obese or fat, our natural reaction is to start eating less food.
We may want to skip lunch or even breakfast and eat light dinner in the hope that our body would burn away the remaining fat that had accumulated. All this seems to be a logical solution of losing weight, but unfortunately that is not the whole truth.

Eating less actually makes it very intolerable for some people, in some severe cases may even end up in the hospital of starvation related incidents such as losing concentration during working hours.

Losing weight is a huge multi-billion industry in America. Everyday one can expect to see some form of advertisement for weight loss either from the billboards, magazines, newspaper, TV, radio or the internet. Every obese person seems to be looking for the magical weight loss pill and hugh amount of money being spent on the these diet product or programs. Often they show some promising results of losing some weight, but if one check back with these folks they tend to regain all they had lose within a short time.

Losing weight is not something that anyone can accomplished overnight. It needs strict discipline of following a carefully described weight-loss diet program combined with physical workout.

Being seriously overweight and highly obese people can develop into a number of diseases and serious health complications, and it is a known fact that when the intake of calorie is in the excessive amount, which some of the excess is actually saturated fat, believed to be the main culprit.

What makes the person to be obese is the amount of fat they consumed as compared to a thinner person who tend to eat less fat and more complex carbohydrates.

The myth that circulates is that people get fat by eating too many calories, but that is only half the truth. During a recent survey, Americans nowadays tend to be more informed and most of them avoid such foods. Most respectable food establishment had shy away touting such food and yet we are a nation of fat people. If the intake calories in our food is not the main cause, then where is real culprit ?

The answer is, we are a more sedentary nation now as compare to many countries. We do not exercise enough, we tend to drive more often when we could walk. We inclined to use drive through than walk-in to pick up checks or eat in and the list can go on. In short, it is our lifestyle that we become. If one serious enough to get healthy, one had to have a commitment of changing one lifestyle.

Those who go on a diet program without exercising often get fatter within a period of time. Initially your weight might drop while dieting, such weight loss are mostly fluid and muscle tissue of the body. When the weight returns, it will return as fat. The sensible solution is to increase your body metabolism by exercising regularly.

If one observes as anyone gets older, the natural metabolism rate in the body does not function rapidly as in their younger days. Select an exercise routine that you are comfortable with your age and remember, walking is still the best form of exercise for strengthening your bones and muscles joints, controlling your weight and best of all - it is FREE !!!

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